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Let us help you relieve your pain from impacted wisdom tooth through our dental specialists. The wisdom teeth or also called third molars are rear teeth that usually erupt around late teens to early 20s that appear both in the upper jaw and lower jaw. Problematic and painful wisdom teeth should be removed immediately to prevent further complications. Some of the most common problems with wisdom teeth are cheek biting, chewing problems, wisdom teeth infection and impaction. In Extractwiz.com our treatments can either be oral surgery or through antibiotics. For a more permanent and effective way to get rid of complications and from developing problems, a wisdom tooth extraction is the best option. This prevents erosion cavity, infection, crowding and cysts. Contact us for our dental services for more information on our wisdom teeth treatments.

Wisdom Teeth Pulling

If you are experiencing pressure pain, gum infection, tooth decay, cysts, swelling, inflamed gums, sore lymph glands and difficulty in swallowing or opening mouth you may be suffering from wisdom tooth complications. Our dental services offer reliable and expert treatments from our licensed dentists. Prevent gum disease, toothache, ulceration, crowded wisdom teeth and other complications. Although rare tumours can also erupt if infected wisdom tooth is unattended promptly. Wisdom teeth pulling may present some complications such as dry socket and paresthesia consult our expert team for more information and how to have a low cost or free assessment.

extractwiz.com can help with:

  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Third Molars
  • Cheek Biting
  • Chewing Problems
  • Infection
  • Impaction
  • Oral Surgery
  • Antibiotics
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  • Erosion Cavity
  • Infection
  • Crowding
  • Cysts
  • Gum Infection
  • Tooth Decay
  • Swelling
  • Inflamed Gums
  • Ulceration
  • Crowded Wisdom Teeth
  • Wisdom Tooth